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Erin Andrews Just Shared the Powerful Lesson Damar Hamlin Taught Her

Written by Melba Danny Weiss

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Exactly a month since Damar Hamlin's injury, the sports commentator reveals how the close of this NFL season has shifted her perspective.

You’re probably used to seeing sports commentator Erin Andrews on TV: Strong, smart, funny, and totally glam—even when she’s just in sneakers and jeans. (Seriously, how?!) But while she’s always on her game (pun intended!) on the field, Andrews shares that she doesn’t always feel that put together. In fact, her body takes a serious beating during her job. So clearly she must have an elaborate post-game self-care program, right?

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Not exactly…

“It’s like a whirlwind!” Andrews laughs. “The second I’m off camera, we’re usually rushing to the airport and I’m already ripping off my [false] lashes in the car. By the time I’m settled into my seat on the plane, I’m in my jammies, hair in a pony, face slathered with moisturizer, and with a glass of wine and a burger.”

Sounds like our kind of self-care!

But that’s not all she does to take care of herself. On Sunday, February 12, 2023 Andrews will be on the field, covering the LVII Super Bowl for FOX. Andrews, 44, recently spoke about her wellness game when work gets most demanding…and what’s different about this NFL season.

Erin Andrews’ wellness secrets


Reporting from the field is just one part of Andrews’ job. Between the studio, travel, press events and game days, she says she’s on her feet constantly—often more than 12 hours a day.

Fortunately, Andrews says she’s figured out how to take care of feet in a way that’s both fashionable and functional. Turns out, she’s a fan of Dr. Scholl’s.

“I’m sure my stylist wishes I could wear fancier shoes, but walking on turf or grass in heels is a no-go,” Andrews says, adding this is why you will see her doing her job in a variety of adorable sneakers, flat boots, and sandals. (Fun fact: The reason you never see her wear the same pair twice is because by the end of the day, her shoes are often ruined from all the paint on the field. It’s not just logos and lines, either: Even the grass is painted green!)

What’s inspiring Erin Andrews most right now

Self-care is crucial…but in such a tense time, looking out for others can be one form of it.

When we asked her what’s inspiring her, Andrews revealed: “It’s Damar Hamlin,” referencing the Buffalo Bills safety who, on January 2, suffered a cardiac arrest on the field and is currently making an amazing comeback.

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“He spent 20 days recovering, and instead of worrying about himself, he used that time to raise over $8 million dollars to buy toys for children,” she says. “It’s brought the whole country together in such a beautiful way. I’m really excited to see what he does next.”

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