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Helpful Tips To Help You Teach Your Kids On How To Cope With The Changes That Come With Quarantining

Written by Tom Leonard Huff

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Because of the coronavirus, children are now living out their childhood in quarantine. These little humans are particularly vulnerable in these times because the daily routines they’ve known are changing, which can have an immense impact on their emotional health.

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How your kid takes all that’s happening depends on a few factors, from age to emotional development. What’s sure, though, is that they’ll take their cues from you. So whether they exhibit signs of affliction or not, the best thing that you can do is to support your kid through all this. Here are three things you can do to help them cope with all the changes:

Offer Reassurances

A parent should be a role model for their kids since they learn by example. You must discuss with your children the impact of coronavirus on the world. Keep in mind that how you talk about the virus affects your child’s level of fear.

Remind them that they are healthy, and you’ll do everything to keep it that way. Pay close attention to their response and ask them to write how they feel about the ongoing events. You should always react with truth and reassurance.


Demonstrate Essentials

Children normally don’t understand why their parents stop them from doing certain things. It’s the same case with today’s events. Kids don’t fully understand why their parents are preventing them from engaging with their friends outside.

Explain to your kids that you are following the guidelines issued by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) that includes keeping yourself at a safe distance from others. Tell them why you have to follow these guidelines to stay secured from getting the virus. You can also add that by doing this, they won’t only be safe but will bring other safety as well since their not causing the spread of the disease. If possible, you can demonstrate these ideas by showing them “flatten the curve” charts.

Stay Productive

Your family time should be as fun as it can be. Do some family projects with your children. Involve them in doing kitchen experiments, tending the garden, and you can even paint with them. This will reassure your kid about how much you’re drawn to them.

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Allow your older kids to communicate virtually with their friends. You can also take on productive projects, like drafting a letter to neighbors or those working in the health care department. Ask your children to save and post uplifting messages over social media, as well. You must give them a lot of love and affection, especially now when things are unpredictable.

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