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Howard Stern Gets Candid About His Cancer Scare

Written by Ronald Key

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Although Howard Stern has tried his hand in many endeavors, including acting, producing, and photography, he is most known for his success as a prominent radio personality. Lately, life has been more of a roller-coaster ride for the celebrity who spent an entire year thinking that he might have cancer.

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It started back in 2016 when a regular check-up revealed a low WBC (white blood cell) count, which ended up in a discovery that said his kidney might have developed a cancerous growth. It’s a human tendency to assume the worst in a situation like that, and same happened in the case of Stern who believed that he is approaching death after the doctors predicted a 90% chance of cancer.

The radio host, who is famous for never taking an off from his show broadcasted on Sirius XM, left the fans in shock when he canceled a show for undergoing surgery back in 2017 – though the reason was kept under the wraps at that time.


Once the operation was over, it was a great relief for Stern to find out that the growth was a small cyst – a non-cancerous one. Just five days later, the presenter of The Howard Stern Show was back on his desk. Still, the painful experience forced him to give a serious thought about continuing the show after the expiration of his contract in 2020.

In one of his candid conversations, Stern shared that at the moment, he is trying to understand how he wants to spend his future life – no matter how much time is left for him. Obviously, after all these years as a popular radio host, the idea of leaving the broadcasting desk appears weird for the celebrity. Maybe things look uncertain to him right now, but we hope that everything falls in place for him eventually.

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