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Life Changing Strategies That Can Improve Your Mental Health & Well-Being

Written by Molly Christian

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Physical and mental health can be said to be two sides of the same coin. Improving physical health can do a lot to improve mental well-being, and most times can positively change people’s view of life. It can help people with anxiety and depression and may even forestall such problems from developing in the first place. It is therefore important to do whatever possible to eat healthily and get enough exercise to enjoy mental wellness, which inevitably shows physically.

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True, we’re all different. What affects someone’s mental well-being won’t necessarily affect others in the same way. But we all at some point experience down times in our lives, which more often than not affect our physical appearance as well as mental health. The situation where we feel stressed, upset, or find it difficult to cope with the issues is mostly a result of the things we engage ourselves in. For example:

  • Loss
  • Loneliness
  • Relationship Issues
  • Work or academic stress
  • Financial Issues

Besides these, there are times when there is no clear reason why we feel the way we do – which can be frustrating not just to ourselves, but also to the people around us.

Studies have shown that there are certain factors, mainly physical ones, that influence our mental well-being. Examples include traumatic experiences, social isolation or discrimination, homelessness, childhood abuse, poverty, and unemployment. These tend to have a more adverse psychological effect than we expect, such that it causes a total breakdown of mental wellness and gives way to insanity if not managed swiftly.


What Your Mind Needs

However, irrespective of the cause of the breakdown, a good mental health can be maintained by following the one basic step of believing in yourself. Believe that you deserve to be happy and feel good, believe that you can make the most of your life irrespective of what the situation may say.

Other steps that can boost your mental well-being include:

  • Feeling happy irrespective of your situation
  • Feeling content while striving for an even better life
  • Building your self-esteem.
  • Connect – connect with your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Spend time developing these relationships, as there is joy in living in the joy of another, hence build your connection
  • Be active, and give no room for depressive thoughts – A walk in the neighborhood or through a nearby natural area helps ease your mind, rather than hulking out in the gym which may invariably fuel your rage and worries. However, find the activity that most suits you and make it a part of your life
  • Keep learning – learning new skills can give you a sense of achievement and confidence. Besides, it can help take your mind off your worries for a while. So why not get registered for that cooking course, or start learning your graphics, or play a musical instrument, or learn how to ride a bike? It would do you a lot of good
  • Give – giving in this sense entails every little act of random kindness that can spice up the day of another. It’s not a matter of size but value. Hence, even the smallest act can count, whether it’s a smile, a thank you, or a kind word. Larger acts, such as volunteering at your local community center, can improve your mental wellbeing and help you build new social networks, as you’ll not only be praised by others, you’ll likewise be recommended for much more important and eventual profiting opportunities. There is joy in giving others joy
  • Be mindful – Live in the moment and be more aware of the present, including your thoughts and feelings, your body, and the world around you. Some people call this “mindfulness”. It can positively change the way you feel about life and how you approach challenges.

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Put to mind these soothing wise words, and live your life to the fullest:

“Of course, good mental well-being does not mean that you never experience feelings or situations that you find difficult, but it does mean that you feel you have the resilience to cope when times are tougher than usual.” – Professor Stewart-Brown.

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